Chinese Poetry, Film and 3D Games

Chinese poetry has a long running history. A poem conveys not only the poet’s observations, views and feelings, but also the society, the environment, and the philosophy of life. By learning Chinese poetry, you will have a better understanding of Chinese history, culture, and festivals; and hopefully communicate better with your Chinese counterparts in business.

It would be interesting to see film makers and 3D game designers transform narrative Chinese poems into vivid movies and 3D games, to educate, entertain and enlighten people in China and around the world. A best known poem collection is the Three Hundred Tang Poems, which was taught in Chinese schools.

Throughout history, Chinese poets have written a number of poems on the Lantern Festival. The Lantern Festival, originated as early as Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 25), is a major festival celebrated in China and some other Asian countries, for example, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. By tradition, it is only celebrated within families in China. In Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, the festival has been commercialised as the Chinese valentine’s day.

Below we select seven famous poems spanning different dynasties. Baidu (百度), also known as China’s Google, has taken its name from the first poem, which means 100 times in Chinese.

1. 青玉案 元夕

宋.辛弃疾 (Xin Qiji, Song Dynasty)


更吹落, 星如雨。


凤萧声动, 壶光转,一夜鱼龙舞 。




蓦然回首, 那人却在灯火阑珊处。

2. 生查子 元夕

宋.欧阳修 (Ouyang Xiu, Song Dynasty)

去年元夜时, 花市灯如昼。

月到柳梢头, 人约黄昏后。

今年元夜时, 月与灯依旧。

不见去年人, 泪湿春衫袖。

3. 十五夜观灯

唐.卢照邻 (Lu Zhaolin, Tang Dynasty)

锦里开芳宴, 兰红艳早年。

缛彩遥分地, 繁光远缀天。

接汉疑星落, 依楼似月悬。

别有千金笑, 来映九枝前。

4. 诗曰

唐.李商隐 (Li Shangyin, Tang Dynasty)





5. 元宵

明.唐寅 (Tang Yin, Ming Dynasty)

有灯无月不娱人, 有月无灯不算春。

春到人间人似玉, 灯烧月下月如银。

满街珠翠游村女, 沸地笙歌赛社神。

不展芳尊开口笑, 如何消得此良辰。

6. 正月十五夜灯

唐.张祜 (Zhang Hu, Tang Dynasty)

千门开锁万灯明, 正月中旬动地京。

三百内人连袖舞, 一进天上著词声。

7. 元夕无月

清.丘逢甲 (Qiu Fengjia, Qing Dynasty)





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