Hi Drone, will you take off – soon?

Useful and cutting-edge, drones play an important role in many areas of our life including aerial photography, agriculture, shipping and transport.

As a “techie” as well as a photography enthusiast, I am interested in those drones sold in electronics shops. To be more specific, I am more interested in the palm-sized “mini drones”, created to win over young people and female consumers.

Different from computer games, drones attract such fans that love both tech and the outdoors. Whether it is landscape photography or sport photography, drones – also known as cameras with wings, or simply flying cameras – offer unique aerial perspectives that are unmatched by ordinary cameras.

Growing up in China, you are considered the “outlier”, if you have strong interests in technology, sports, and, the outdoors. To be a fan of the “drones”, rather than “keeping up with the Joneses”, you need to be passionate about all of the mentioned aspects. Although China’s consumer market is huge – and about 50% consumers are female – how many of them do fall into this category?

Recently, I stepped into a popular electronics shop in Australia. There were so many different types of drones displayed on the wall that it took me some time to digest. The prices ranged from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.

After filtering out most of the drones, I set my eyes on a “mini” drone. It looked so sparkling that I couldn’t resist. “Wow, how much does it cost?” I asked myself. After seeing the price tag, I ran for the hills. “How often will I use it?” The answer is, definitely not on a daily basis, nor even on a weekly basis. Maybe, only once a month. With such a skyrocket price, will it take off – soon?

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